selling thanksgiving diners

selling thanksgiving dinners 1.2k each unlimated

1 thanksgiving dinner= 1 baked potatoe w/butter, loaf of bread, 1 apple, 1 cooked chicken, and a beer or fruit blast cocktail(cocktail member only)

there is no limit to how many dinners you can buy

just though this would be kinda cool

post if you want one everyone buy one for thanks giving.

hum… im from the uk when is thanks giving
and i want to buy one please lol

dats lame u sell peeople over priced things and call it a thanksgiving dinner!sad =(

50 cent= well im not gonna run all over runescape getting all the crap for it and not make a small profit

mizz blonde= today and add me

my name is SilvrDragn1 just like on here ill be on later