selling thanksgiving dinners

im selling thanksgiving dinners since its thanks giving later today in abiout 12 hours ill be on rs and im selling them

just one includes 1 baked potatoe with buter, 1 loaf of bread, beer, or for members cocktails, and 1 cooked chicken, ooh and an apple pie.

it’ll cost 1k each
everyone should buy then share thanksgiving with me

whys this is in weopons/armour…should be in either cooking or off topic i would guess

wow… if you ask me, this was a pointless thread -.-

interesting idea, i might just swing by and buy a meal.

um name=cus everyone should eat thanksgiving
mugen=you non-holiday idead suporting…
fetusman=ok what’s your rs name?

Moved to the Cooking section.

Grrr, reading the food makes me feel hungry. @_@ I wanna turkey!!

Umm…great idea…but there is no point…

omg!!! the point is to have a rs thanksgiving dinner!


so i take it you only want one?