Selling Tiaras, Buying Talismans.

Me and my bro are selling Tiaras, 10k for enchanted ones, and 2k for unenchanted ones. If you want to buy one, please PM us in the game, our RSN’s are:

Me: nightstar34
My Bro: drag_master1

We are also buying Talismans for our Tiaras making, especially for those who want enchanted ones. Buy!

Nightstar34, :ninja:

Edit: I have more Tiaras now, I have just sold 1 Tiaras this whole time. Offers are low, I want CASH ONLY. Please buy some, I have Air Tiaras, I have Mind Tiaras, I have Body Tiaras, Fire Tiaras, Water Tiaras too. I have a full set of f2p Tiaras, please buy some.