selling torn page 4(s)

sellin sarry torn page 4 im startin it at 200k but i dunno the real price so just offer if thats to high reply on here not on game so i’ll check back every night

what’s a sarry torn page 4? Is it like one of those map things for the dragon slayer quest?

the real price normally starts at round about 130k

no its for the new books that you get from completing the horror from the deep quest you need 4 pages for the right book (sarry, guthix, or zammy)

Oh what do those do? I might be interested.

i have a torn page 3 (s) so if u buy mine and buy his u will alrerady have the 2 out of 4 pages so tell me if u wanna buy mine

u use em in your shield spot and they raise your prayer