Selling Yews !?!? 200 EACH!?!?

Taking orders for yews 100 or lower please

they are 200 each !?!?

just reply for orders

Hey I’d like to buy some yews from you…I’ll buy as many as you can get me. Just IM me, I’m online all the time. FirebirdDrvr

it may be a while before i can take any more orders ive got 2 orders that are 5k and 11k willows and I usually cut down 1k a day but if my friend helps me more so im kinda busy but when im back out ill let you know

I will put u at the top of my potiential buyers list though

Ok, thank you. If you can get me 1k or more yews, I’ll buy for 250 each.

I will have those by at least wednesday for you I will need your player name plz

I’ll by tons of yews for 200 each=)

ok ill put u on the selling list too I need your game name so I can tell you when I got a thousand or so to sell