selllin flax and bow string 2 any1

im selin flax and bow string 2 any1 who will buy. put ur orders in now

my username id DANDPAND.

ill take many bow strings depending on the price and dont tell me to offer cos i have absolutely no idea. If u dont either thats fine

i sell flax or bow string 50gp ea

ok ill buy some

ill buy 20 bow string and 10 flax add me asianguy58

maybe in 5 minutes ill be on

whats ure username

i will buy bow strings for 25gp each as thats what they are worth lol…and i will buy 5k of them :slight_smile:
so 125k for 5k bow strings :slight_smile:

ill buy 2k 25gp each

sory but i sold 10k of flax for 60gp ea so stop askin me for stuff

I’ll buy 200 bow strings for 2k lol

sory but im not a member anymore so can a mod lock this because i can no londer get flax or bowstring