Senventior Disthine Molenko! Spell Thread!

Post all the spells\sayings said by NPCs\players here! I’ll list them!

Senventior disthine molenko! - Rune Essense Spell
Come on Dobbin, we can win the race! - Toy Horse
Brother, I will help you defeat this infidel! - Al Kharid Warrior
Zamorakian scum! - Bebadin Warrior
Moo! - Cow
Bwak Bwak! - Evil Chicken
Quack! - Duck
Eek! - Rat
Leave dem fishies! - River Troll
Brainssssssssssssss… - Zombie
Leave this place mortal! - Shade
Stand and deliver! - Highwayman

hummmmmmm… said by monks =)

Thats not a spell is it?

You got really creative treads…

You took the only spell I know…

There’s the ones said by the dude by the elemental wiz’s, but I don’t know them.

I edited it - Its just the “saying” thread now.

It’s said by anyone that tellies you tot he rune essence.

As posted in the main thread…

Uhm… “Brother, I will help you with this infidel!” Or something like it. I think it’s great. =)

Can you be sure its that?

What’s the point…?

ya he’s right.
umm… let me think…

:blockhead -The dude

Does there have to be a point?

Brother, I will help you defeat this infidel! Al Kharid warriors.

Updated thead.

SARADMIN (uhh forgot)
by the bebadin warriers

Noob, that’s not an emoction, it happens when you play with a toy horse

ya exactley!

:blockhead -The dude

That’s all I can think of.

“Flee from me =insert RSN here=!!!” “Bwak Bwak!!”—evil chicken