services for exp

Brand New Services 4 Exp Helping And Giving Me Somthing To Do As Folowed: Cooking All Fish Up To Swordies:free!
Smelting Barz Up To Mith:free(jus Suply Coal…ect…)
Making Prayer Pots:free(jus Suply Rannars And Snp Grass)
Cutting Gems:free

Tanning Hides As Folowed:drg Green Red Blue Blk:50gp Ech
Making Up To Steel Armor Weapons And Other:free If U Suply Bars Or Nessisary Ore Or Pm Me And Ill Tell U Prices If I Hav To Mak Em From Scratch
Making Arrows :free If U Suply Or Pm Me 4 Prices
Runecrafting:all Free Up To Cosmic Thn U Pay Small Fees But Not Alot =]
Alching:ill Accually Pay U To Let Me Do Alching Jus Suply Nats And Items I Really Need Magic Exp
Identifying Herbs:i Identify Up To Irit:free N E Thing High Ill Charg Small Fees
I Also Mak Other Pots Free Jus Suply The Needed Materials
I Also Do Somthing New Jus Giv Me Somthing Ur Looking 4 And Ill Hunt It Down 4 A Charge 1k N E Item 1mil In Value N E Thing Below Is Free
End Of List Will Eventualy Be Adding New Stuff I Do Not Scam Its All Jus Giving Me Somthing To Do Tht Helps People And Raises My Stats.plz Post Here Or Pm Me In Game.1 MORE THING GIVING NEW LESSIONS N E THING U CN THINK OF I CN HELP CHARGES R AS FOLOWED:MERCHING 5K PER LESSION:NEW PLAYER \MEBER GUIDES AND MAPS FREE ; )

can you runecraft chaos runes for me?

how many chaos do u need? i only do 200chaos a day

Can you make me 200 chaos. Post when you will be on runescape i will give you the ess.


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