shade roabs

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what are shade robes dude?

How can you not know, you get em for 17k!!!

Just because he doesnt know what a shade robe is, doesnt mean you should start getting mad at him, he didnt do anything to you, so just tell him and dont insult or make fun of him. :arrow:

i haven’t played Runescape for ages so i’m sorry if i harrassed you. So what are they?

You can’t get shade robes in RSC because instead of random events they have fatigue.

fruity, wrong…they have energy in place of fatigue on rs2, not random events, althought they aren’t in rsc none the less.

yeah man calm down ffs

i bought a set for 5k dude

has anyone else noticed how wrong he spelled robes? he spelled them ROABS…
there not even in runescape classic ya moron.

Guys calm down! Why dose everybody have to yell at him just because he dosent know what shade robes are or if their in rsc?Maby he thinkis that this thread area is for Runescape2,not RSC.Just calm down. Sheesh.

:king: ~Kingzero