Shades? Is there any particular way to make them show up?

I’ve recently discovered the art of…shade-killing in runescape, and I was curious if there was any particular reason that they showed up? Do they come after you achieve the final digit of you mothers maiden name in roman numerals as per kills? Or is it a little easier to follow, like every 10,000xp or so? I’m just curious because not only would it be cool to prance around wearing a shade robe, but it would also help out my training. Anyone know about this?

Shades are random events - RANDOM.
They appear while you’re burying bones, so if you really want a shade, bury lots of bones. Zombies also appear while burying bones. As far as I know, their appearance has nothing to do with experience points in any certain skill.

Shades are aweful cuz they r always double ur lvl and shade robes are only worth 10 k a set. Most shades drop nothing and u dont gain exp from them.

waht stats do shade robes give?

shade robes r droped by shades, and i think they give prayer bonus, and u get from buring bones

nope i havent got any clue when besidesRANDOM events…lol :twisted:

well, shades and zombies go back in for its random, but, i found i get a random event when i burry around a average of 35 dragon bones, and about 120 normal bones, but its random

I have similar experience.

I find that around every 50 normal bones I bury, I get a zombie.

I rarely get shades.

Oh, by the way, whats the big secret of slortar-ing shades?

“slaughtering” I believe is what you mean. I find it a waste of food and time to fight shades, so I usually walk away. There is rarely a drop (of the 20 or so shade’s i’ve fought, no drops), and as stated earlier, shade robes don’t really boost much. They might look cool, but that’s about the only benefit I can see.

i usually run away from shades, because they waste hp killing it and in the end, u might not get ne thing at all. Occasionally, i’ll kill one or two, but i usually just leave.