[[[[ == SHADOW LORDS == ]]]] 85+ Combat

[li]Who We Are
[/li][li]Why Join?
[/li][li]How to Join

Who We Are

The Shadow Lords is a clan based on one thing… FUN! We have 4 weekly events along with a special event every Thursday. We have Pking, Castle Wars, Fun Wars, Mini-Wars, Capture the Flag, Races, Clan Meetings, Drop Parties, KBD trips, Kalphite Trips, and of course Real Wars!

We are not just a clan that has events but we also are a friendly clan. We are a clan supported by the RuneScape help site RuneShack.


There are 3 ways for you to join the Shadow Lords Clan.


70+ Hit points OR 85+ Combat level


65+ Hit points WITH 70+ Magic


65+ Hit points WITH 75+ Ranged


Why Join?
[li]5 Events a Week
[/li][li]Friendly Clan
[/li][li]Supported by RS Help site
[/li][li]Excellent Website/Forums
[/li][li]Unique Clan System
[/li][li]#1 Priority is FUN

How to Join

Go to our website at http://runeshack.com/clan

Or our forums at http://runeshack.com/clan/forums

Click Applications, Click the Application Form Sticky (since you already read the requirements in this post) and follow the instructions from there! Very easy and fast!

Thank you,
Shadow Lords Clan