Shadow of the Storm

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Word is going round Al Kharid that a monk has arrived and is looking for the adventurer who saved Varrock from Delrith. A group of dark wizards is planning to set another demon loose on the world, and the only way to foil their plot is from within! And this time it’s no minor demon like Delrith, but a demon-lord with great magical powers. Take up an old sword, dress to impress an evil wizard, and discover forbidden demon-lore under the Shadow of the Storm.
This quest features further expansion to the Demon Slayer and Golem storylines and some very unique characters to meet along the way.

it’s a cool sword, but kinda useless other than drooling at the special, it’s awsome, try it out for yourself. But the quest is really easy, and the silverlight is even better than my dds at killing lesser demons and greater demons.

dam im not a member

Yeah I know or I would do this in a heartbeat. I really want to too.
Darklight is better than a dds? Wow i gotta try this.

oo man i wish my membership haddent ended

:slaphappy sjh91

lol…is it darklight or dark silver light???

can some1 post a pic of it

sure here is me with the sword and two moments doing the special, which drains 50% and takes 4/5 of the damage off your attack defense and strength i think

oo thats cool

thats pretty awesome… lol a nine with a quest sword is pretty good, and better than a dds… dang

Only on demons though. That’s the catch.

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