.::Shadow Warriors::..::Formally BOS leader::.

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Shadow Warrior’s Is Now open.
Shadow Warrior’s Is A New Clan That Is Open And Promise’s To Be Active And To serve the Clan.

History: I used to be the leader of The Brotherhood Of Shadows Which Was a very good clan and was suceecsfull in What we did, I sadly Disband The Clan And later Joined a Clan Called Aftershock Which i Got Promoted To Event-CoOrdinator and Honour Member, I later Joined The Corrupted (Corruption’s Junior Clan) And Left because Of problems. Now i have come back To start Another Clan With some level 100+ Friends Coming to This Clan Reqs Will be Raised And only Apply If you will be Active


Kalphite Queen (Drop Shared)
King Black Dragon
Snowball Fights
Mini Wars
Fun Wars
Official Wars
Castle Wars
Fight Pits
There Are Space’s Open So Apply And get A good rank Before The Clan has 100+ Member!

Leader: Arnan1991 (99 CB)

Co-Leader: N/A

Warlord: Teazer1(90 + range)

High Counsill:SmallSkull99


I Need People that Are willing to show there Leadership and rise up against the other and show that pride which a good clan member has. If you are a person who does not quit in the things they do and has Talent On leading and Pride This is the clan for you. You Won’t Be disappointed.

My history: I was Leader of bos but they disbanded because of some problem i worked very hard in a clan called aftershock and got promoted to honoured member and Event- CoOrd for evetns then they got disbaned too then i joined corjr as a appliant and was promoted to A member i leftbecause it was not the right clan for me. Now i made this clan and i am 300% sure that this clan will be the right one and be better than the brotherhood of shadows and that was a good clan most of the people from bos are in high ranked clans and some 100+ will be coming to this clan, It was hard fighting The Damage inc. in wars Sometimes I lost 13 rune sets just to fight them. never lose pride for your clan do the best you can do, Then, One day, maybe, you can help your clan make top 10 clans.

A war Which We Won when i Was in Bos (Our only war) :stuck_out_tongue:

yes I was in that war we owned!! lol silly stone warriors wars are for real men everyone join up

A level 108 is now co leader and 114 cb is a high Counsill we will get another level 104 and 105 cb in.

Please sign up only if you are going to be active in Shadow Warriors

Uh huh you got my support, just dont flame too much this time and keep rep in the clean kk?

Lol that war sucked for us worst day ever, I couldnt make it the war, the other leader lead the clan and our clan ran into another clan, we had steel stuff on we lost several people including the other leader, no leadership=loss

Teh Bumboys Of Sweden are back! Lol. Chicken’d out on war with GoG when you were Bumboys Of Sweden, love to be owning you now.

you own shit, prick

Arnan your the prick…I dont even know why you are back here.

hey guys that don’t need to be said this clan is a respectful one no matter what happened in BOS so plese keep the flaming to a minimum

to a minimum? just dont flame at all

i will join, i see u need recruiters, maybe ill do tht 4 u

GAWD smallskull, i remmeber from the start…how can you stad side of this jerk? He riped his friends…betryed his allies…and had the guts to say he is not a thief…Damn loser.

Now what he did was bad, so if you dont like him just dm him or better yet destroy his caln in a war, if a clan has bad leadership they usaully disband after losing their first couple of battles. Also sometimes when a clan has TOO much spirit and think they rock your house down then they lose to you their spirit goes rock bottom thus disbanding.

Ahem stop flaming

thanks bounty hunter, just go to our forum and apply It would be great to have you join our clan, and I think a recruiter position is open :smiley: hope to see you join

our clan average combat level is 90!

I might join, but first i need to know what Snowball Fights are.
Are they like throwing rotten tomatoes at people?

Oh great, 5 combat levels off :frowning:

haha get the reqs and join up pkemon, anyways snowball fights are when we all go and shoot wind strikes at each other so it only uses mind runes, and it just looks really cool, winner usually gets a prize

also those stats are off now, we have 90 combat average, almost 30 members, 74 hp average
we have a co leader Richyrich75 (lvl 115) and a hand full of strong, smart high council and recruiters

Arnan, you forgot to tell people about how you scam clan members whips.