Shadow Wolves - Join our well established clan now.

Welcome to the Shadow Wolves clan, if you join our clan you will enjoy a friendly clan atmosphere. All new members are well looked after, we make sure we inform new members of clan events, pk trips etc. and answer any questions that new members may have. We make an effort to welcome all our new members to our clan and make them feel a valued part of Shadow Wolves.

The clan has been going since November of last year and is well established with a selection of dedicated members, and we are currently looking for new members to add to this group.

We ask a for a small tax of 3k per month to cover costs such as prizes for competition winners, awards for good pkers/event participants and equipment for events. (If you have any problems regarding this tax or any questions about it please contact either Vibu212, Ralf Peters, Limetang, or Simayan.)

The clan has regular pk trips, events and competitions on the forums. We encourage all of our clan members to be active on these forums and in the game itself.

We do have some requirements that all members must fufil:

  • Combat Level: 80+
    OR: Mage Level: 65 and Combat 75
    OR: Range Level:70 and Combat 75

  • You must be prepared to be an active member of the clan on our forums and in the game, and you should try to input something positive into the clan; you will benefit from what others input in return.

  • You must not be a member of any other clans.

  • You must be prepared to pay the tax of 3k per month, (This tax is payable in raw materials or cash, speak to Vibu212 for details of non-cash alternatives.)

We hope you will consider joining our clan, to join or to find out more information visit (Try if the first address fails.)

If you have any questions you would like to ask, please feel free to speak to Vibu212, Ralf Peters, Simayan or Limetang.

Thank you for reading, Ralf. :slight_smile: