Shaun of the Dead

Well, another movie review by me! :slight_smile:

Okay, this movie, Shaun of the Dead, is supposedly in my opinion, a horror romantic comedy. Rated R (in the U.S.) for Language and Zombie Violence. Now, I don’t suggest it for all ages, of course, because it’s very gory, and I’m sure some children get a bit nervy when it comes to zombies or anything that would be considered “scary”.

The movie starts out with a man, Shaun, who has a pretty much average life with a girlfriend. News says that a meteor has sprayed a bacteria on England, and strange symptoms are happening. Many people are being affected by this bacteria, and in result- are turning into zombies. Now, Shaun, his girlfriend, his best friend, his parents, and a few others are not affected by the virus. The zombies are of course attacking humans, so they need to survive. Many hilarious attempts of doing so have put them in danger, but so far, so good. Since they decide to find a place safe to wait for the so called “disease” to go away, they need to fight off the zombies…

Now, I highly suggest anyone (Who would be allowed) that loves comedies to watch this movie. It really doesn’t make you scared of zombies, but makes you laugh with them. This movie, in my opinion, gets a 9/10.

I know where we could go “THE WINCHESTER” ----As said by Shaun himself.

I loved that.

Just something magical about a group of people beating up someone with a cricket bat to the tune of " Don’t stop me now ".

awsome movie i own it

didnt like it
it wasnt funny
no point to it
waste of time
Well that just my opininon :smiley:

It was okay, didn’t get the comedy though, maybe I’m just too young. :smiley:

lol! That movie is so awsome! I hated Dawn of The Dead…too scary…but Shaun makes it all funny! I like when they run over this zombie then turn around and wait till it gets back up to see if its alright…lol

Yeah, they’re like “Are you okay?” And Shaun’s friend wants to go, but Shaun wants to make sure, and the dead person starts rising, and Shaun’s like “Okay just go.” :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my favorite parts is when the kid that usually hits Shaun with a Soccer ball is a zombie and throws the ball at Shaun’s face. :stuck_out_tongue: Man, the comedy in it was purely funny.

And DemonX99, not all of it’s mature comedy, it’s usually comedy for all ages, with some gore mixed in it…

Nya, too - funny. Maybe that’s why I disliked it with passion. I mean, they made fun of a HORROR movie! Horror isn’t to be made fun of, because it’s one of the best genres of all time! Bleh My opinion though… Shaun of the Dead was very, very strange. I couldn’t even watch it all. =\

I like when the guy gets ripped open and they use his leg to attack the zombies :slight_smile:

lol that movie was so funny

dont forget to kill phillip!

i like the car scene
shaun: are you okay?
(short pause)
(zombie gets up)
zombie: uhhhhhhh
shaun: o thank god!
(drives off)

and end
(shaun walks to shed)
shauns mate: uhhhh
shaun: (hits mates hand) oy. no
(hands him controller)
(start playin ps2 wih zombie mate)

funny movie