Sheldonxp's Rune Essence Shop

Welcome to my ess shop! This is new and there is no max orders!

Contact me in game, username is sheldonxp

PM me is fine, my email acccount is

My Time Zone is GMT+8, i usually play from 3pm to 7pm daily.

during the easter holidays i play from 9am to 7pm

if our time zones diffrence is in-appropriate we can find a runner for the trading

process. If it is an really big order(say 100k ess) it may take quite some time.l

so please be patient. The price of the ess is 40gp each i am a f2p.

the price is NEGOTIABLE[, unless you got some really good

items. If u offer a higher price then of course your order would be done first.

So from now feel free to contact me for orders of rune essense!

happy runecrafting(or what ever your going to do with these rune essense)!

Oh yes you can post here to reply as well.

buying from this guy, his name is sheldon so he rocks… mine name is sheldon too!!! buy from this guy!!!

im not gonna buy from the guy at those prices geesh!

acually ess is 40 each in large amounts like that…

You’ve got to love Sheldon, his prices rock!!!