How many people have made up words or just say them alot? me and my friends always say HONYA and SHIZNIT. Tell ur stupid words er’ sayings. :twisted: :twisted:

nope… not yet, although my friends always say “whats up B?” (instead of whats up g)

i have. and my dad. he saw some horses and they were nibbling eachother so he splurted out ‘nice nibbling norses’ ever since he sez it. and me, ween i can’t think of what the word is i go thingymabob or thingy

Me and my friend Diego speak Piglatin all the time in school and no one understands us! :smiley:

my friends and i say crudmonkey a lot

is pig latin putting the first 3 letters last?

No its like you take the first letter off then put it at the end the add ay to the end like dragon=ragonday and road=oadray.

in pig latin, you put the first sound last then add “ay”
example: pig = igpay

I say furgugle for no reson sometimes lol.

Ex nay o nay ig pay atin lay.

Shiznit was in a few movies before. As well as shiznat.

no pig latin iced? what is that supposed to mean lol

Iced you don’t know how to speak pig latin you forgot that ay in tons of words!

me no speake de pig latin…lol but me and my friends say bloody ell and sasquash alot(and yes its spelled right)

My friends and I say “What the monkey” a lot. Actually, it’s fun to replace a lot of swear words with monkey. Ex. You son of a monkey, what the monkey, oh monkey. Also use monkey as a generic insult (you stupid monkey!)

Yeah… There’s like a total different dialect of slang at my old high school… If you know anywhere else where you hear the words chin check, chin food, whiskers, jacknut, hydras (Not the nine-headed hydra in mythology… Something a lot worse… Trust me don’t ask…), saturn rings, etc. in conversation’s frequently then… Umm… Well… I guess me and my friends aren’t the first ones to come up with those terms…

Ill do a sentence in piglatin:Iay ooktay ymay ogday otay hetay arkpay.

It means I took my dog to the park.

alot of people around here do use sland but some ppl say schiznit alot and others never

its funny saying pidlatten
piglatten versian
tsiay unnyfay ayingsay idlattenpay

well i didnt make it up but i say biatch and my pals say homeburger instead of home fry

iced sed
nix on the pig latin…


ppl cmon he was asking for words not a new frickin lang here…

i say tend to say wham biach when pkin someone just to make dying a worse xperiens for them. i also cook wine (that sounds so stupid: ill just cook some wine- my cooking lvl is high enuf) and drink so i have an excuse to say WOOHOO! and other stupid frases while chopping yews so i have something to do