should i use a scythe to pk?

well one of my friends gave me his acct and this is what he had a scythe but should i pk with a scythe? and his stats are:
40 attack
51 strength
33 defence
44 hp
57 fishing
51 cooking

Dont pk with the scythe!! You may lose it and there is no way to get it back!

you get it back from that one girl in varrock clothe shop

yeah, pking with a sythe is a VERY VERY bad idea!

don’t it rocks but ur not gd enuf sorry m8.

Dont Pk With That!

they arent that bad stats

they’re poor pking stats and the scythe suaks as wep, its a holiday item not a killing item…


well, even if u went pking w syth, and u die, A: the guy who killed u wpnt get it, it will drop and dissapear,
and B: if u ever loose the syth u can get back from the clothes shop in varrock

and no… those arent good pking stats…

well the idea itself is coherent, the idea of pking with a weapon you really cant lose, but the scythe was not intended to be a good weapon in the first place(quite like the rubber chicken :P) and those arent good stats to pk with. just merchant and stuff with that account, youll look cool AND be making money.

You could get a high magic level, and pk with the scythe…You’d just have to bring runes instead of a staff, and manually click on the spell. I’ve seen a good mage pking with a rubber chicken before.

Well it’s not very useful. I do it for fun on my level 25 sometimes. It can also be used to fake people out, as PaulT stated :).

true, but its very weak

WOW…I’m surprized that you guys don’t know that you can get the scythe back from Valline in Varrock Clothing Store…you noobs -.-

Yeah you can get scythe back anytime. Why worry.

no way lol but hes pretty nooby for playing since 2003

its his buds account

His friend gave him the account and what’s to say he can’t go pking with just a scythe for fun?