shrek 2

please answer the poll and give a resion why u like this person

puss in boots i love it when he tricks those knights with his big eyes :lol:

hey were tied with number of posts

I like puss in boots cause he has attitude, like me! 8)

I love Puss in Boots. He’s sooo cute. I just wanna hug him, and love him, and never let him go!

donkeys cool 8) cause he has a cool voice (played by eddie murphy) and he has attittude

puss in boots lol

I see most of u like puss in boots i like him to like shrek says (How many cats do u see whereing boots)

it was funny when puss was crawling and clawing sherk and donkey kicked him in the jewels that was classic :lol:

I like the bit when the big ginger bread man looks like elvis presly cause the men pured milk all over him

puss is the best hands down no contest
:smiley: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

puss has something in comon with u guys

was that meant as a burn b/c if it was i felt it good i got some marsh mallows off that :lol:

puss the cat is the best… hes hilarious

i like puss in boots however i also like the girls who backed shrek in a corner when he just turned human and one of those girls said ill be faithful to you… most of the time… i like that. :lol:

Puss in Boots rock he wins no acceptions donkey stinks and everyone else does too except for fairygod mother and Kongo the big gingerbread guy. But the gingerbread man’s line is funny " Not the Gumdrop button!!" Then he fires it as a catapult back lol.

Donkey because he is funny.

I like the bit when fiona looks at puss and boots and says “shrek” and puss it boots goes “for u baby i could be”

Puss in boots, cause he’s got a swad- i spelt it that way on purpose- although its a little flimsy :twisted:

What did you mean when you said swad?

pussin boots when he was fighting the knights it was cool