Sig Auction! Come get it! You know you want to!

Im selling this sig. Starting bid is only 5k! Ill keep the auction open for a day or two so bid now!

You cut off the render lol

~:crazy: spartan

is sig auctioning still allowed?

What do you mean by cut of the render? and if you mean the gun edge its how it was and the top of the head was not as important as the rest of the render.

Yes it is.

1 gp for it and u probably didnt even make it, you probably stole it from an other forum

Don’t always jump to conclusions about people not making the work they are highlighting… For all we know, Noxx could have a lot more like this. But i don’t think so, as you’re still getting the hang of it I see. It’s not too bad, don’t get me wrong… But since the render was cut off in certain parts like that, you should have not even used that render. Hope you get some good bids mate.

so far i have the winning bid

You just hurt me by saying that. Even though your bid is 1gp i might not accept it for making such accusations. I Have the PSD file and every thing so dont accuse me of it.

well for proof, put ur name on the sig.

Fine then give me a minute or 2.

does this make u happy???

umm no it doesnt, it looks like u just coppied the font and added it there…

Would it make you happy if i took the render out?

Why did you think i copied it in the first place? Is it because im new to sig making?

you forced me to believe you. im sorry i called you a “fake”

Thank you for apoligizing. I found a render that isnt cut off that is the exact same. If i change it could you change ur bid to atleast 1k?

I like it and it really doesn’t look nice :slight_smile:

could you perhaps change The Killer to ASTROSHIELD?

If you can, I bid 7k

7.1k is my next bid

noxx, really you show talent…just keep making graphics :wink:


I am bidding until I win :wink:

10,001 gp.

10.1k gp ooo u got pwned

10.2 oooh u got burned!