Sig Contest! Winner gets 30k! (sorry im so cheap)

I want a DBZ themed sig. I want it to either have goku or gohan on it, or both. I would like my name (Asiangoku), my combat lvl (65+), and “Proud Member of the Gods of Glory” on it. You can have any color scheme you would like. Please make it the size of the sig I have now. And the winner will get 50k. Thanks.


Sigs entered so far:

Entered by Wintercat

[Also entered by Wintercat

Enterd by Crunkmonkey

Entered by Kupiton

Also enterd by Kuption

Enterd by Wacko375

Also entered by Wacko375

Entered by Sturaiku


I’ll do it.

Ok. Any other people?

EDIT: I am raising the prize to 50k, so more people might try and try harder.


Just ask CZ to do it for free…

CZ already made me a free one. But I want 2 sigs.


He can make you 2!


Lol… CZ my nickname now?? I will let someone else win this…

Yeah, I think it is. I didnt ask him to make em another one, because he was swamped with orders.


I am calling you CZ lol…


Lol, I havn’t made any sigs are avvys today… Its been a lazy day.

Any other people want to try?! Come on, it’s 50k!


I’ll try…

Edit: finished…

, it’s bad, i know… btw if you want it, have it for free…

here’s another one…

Ask Wacko or Michaelks… An example:

Wacko made my sig
Michaelks made this:

lol i will try

1_______________________________________________1 1asiangoku_______________________________________1
165+combat 100% cheepo_________________________1
1"proud member of gods of glory"____________________1

I’m being suggested! :P, I’ll try since Xgod suggested me. I’m getting a lot better at these sigs!

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Just cause you didnt win my contest doesnt mean you’re not really good :slight_smile:

I’m just saying that I’m improving. When I entered my first sig contest (blink’s), my animated sigs were really bad… I’m getting a lot better now. Not to mention the fact that I don’t have photoshop cs or imageready cs. It’s cool that I’m competing with people using better programs than me :P.

EDIT: I’ve decided to post my entry tomorrow, I’m watching a movie right now.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Can’t wait to see your sigs guys!


Hope my turnout as good as yours

Sportfreak ur CrunkMonkey sig is aweomse
So is ur CapZap one