Sig Request *15k prize may be given*

If I use the sig you make I will personally give you 15,000gp on Runescape. I want the text in my sig currently in the middle of a sig with just a background. No renders or pictures, just a cool background with the text on it. Please make the text readable and simple. The background should be blue with whatever color text you think would go best. I’ll wait until atleast 5 sigs are made and they pick which one I want and give the 15,000gp on Runescape. Have it say “2k5legolas” on it without the quotes in the right hand corner.

Keep this post and delete the other one I guess.

not exactly what u asked for buy i thought it looked good. im not sure…but i just figured u talking aout legolas from lord of the riings

edit: kinda big…lemme crop it

Hmmm, that looks decent. Could you make it kind of like a banner or tag? Kinda like your PKer for life thing but bigger? I’ll pay around 5k for that if it looks good. The sig I first requested is still wanted though

Here is my entry:

Click it to see it larger


Click to see larger version

Lokevin- Did you even read my request? Thanks for the attempt though.


That’s pretty good. I’d like it smaller, and without that text effect. Like I said guys, awesome blue background, simple text.

o opps srry i will make another 1

can you type the quote to make it easier for me?

Huh? I’m not paying someone 15,000gp for them to make a background.

ok any better?

Yeah that’s better. I would like a better detailed background. But yours will be considered.

kinda lie this? ??

EDIT: oh my bad…sry…ididnt read the part about the words in ur sig

That’s nice Godz. Can you make it a little wider and shorter. I know I’m sounding picky but I am paying 15k and I want a sig that is worth it. I’ll wait until tomorrow to pick, for more entries to come up.

hows mine?

lol, if u ask me 15k aint alot.

For a simple signature it is.

Dan- Make it wider and shorter. More like the tags-banners. Could you attempt at the sig I requested?

did u see my legolas

Yeah, try to the one I requested also.

how bout this