Siggy shop!

i have been experimenting with sig making and i have come up with a good kind of sigs that are pretty cool.
Premades(all are for sale)

Design #2

Order form: (all are free)

Type of sig: (1,2)
Size: (my regular sig size is 400*180)
Font: (if from dafont plz provide link.)
Render: (plz supply, otherwise i will probably have)
Color for text:
Photomanip render:
Anything else: (no animation, animation)

Hey I got a huge pack (i mean huge like 1,000 or more renders) of renders and guess what i got in one pack? Halo2 renders. I’m going to make that sig that you’ve been waiting for. And its going to be nice. If you want I can give you some renders through pm so if you need them then just pm me the number (i only have like 10).

Made your sig finally:


what program you using boritio?

Photoshop CS is what hes using (he told me through Pm)

Type of sig: 1
Size: 400*180
Render:(comp wont let go to web site)so i guess no render?
Text1:chef ruiqi
Text2:80+ combat
Color for text:orange
Photomanip render:no
Anything else:no

You do realize you could look up a pic on google right? Just tell me what render you wanted and I might find it.

lol…he said gamerrender only!!!or does it have to be from that place? is a great resource for video game renders, like Halo. But just do a google for “video game renders.” You should get some other sites.

Also, Borito, you should try adding borders. Just do this…
Make a new layer.
Select it all (Ctrl+a),
Go to Edit> Stroke,
Make it 1 pixel, black.
Then deselect (Ctrl+d),
and that’s it!

:smiley: And about your text issue… When using Visitor, you should add a pixel stroke to the text, and make it white (It’d stick out and be legible.)

thx guys, iwas up late taking to maz last night. i do use photoshop and sometimes fireworks. Thx for tips on borders. And the renders do no have to be from game renders, i just preferthem

srry for dp but i can make sigs in under 10min if any1 wants

can i just take the first example?and change the back ground into a little lighter colour plz and the text1 say:chef ruiqi,text2 say:80+.
its always like that lol

here you go:

ALso: if u dont have a render i can supply 1 i got a hude render pack and its got tons of renders

well use this render:

on your old order? or a new 1?
Edit: i will be adding new premades during the day (3-4 a day)
post if u would like them

i mean the new order plz

could u fill out the form again?

Type of sig: 1
Font:no font…
Text1:chef ruiqi
Color for text:light green
Photomanip render:no
Anything else:back ground colour black



Pure Pwnage…
Magik Mayhem…
Enter My Game…

Render: The Game
Design: 2 but a blaxk pixel boarder that text animated and in the corner put Lil Waltz and a blackish greyish blue color.

use my form, and that makes no sence