*sigh* Another attempted hacking..


Some people these days. lol

lmao that is a VERY sad attempt of hacking… i probally could do better than that :hyper:

Jeez, How Sad…Very Pathetic, He Wouldnt Give Up! lol

I’ve seen worse: some guy threatened to kill me if I didn’t give away my password. The sad thing was, we WEREN’T in the wildy. He said he was Andrew, and that disobedience would get me banned, and well, I wasn’t banned… :lol:

-=~ J.T. ~=-

Wb Jtg!!! Oops Sorry Getting Off Topic…

roflmfao…what a noob…did u report him?

ROFL…i get that alot

Lmao, that’s sad, that has also happened to me before.
I hate it when they pick the high level players, if that ever happens to me again, i’m adding them to my ignore list.

if he didnt he shoulda

…wait…do u mean he shoulda gave him his pass?

haha, when they send u stuff like that, tell them that you ARE a mod, they get all scared and are like, plz dont ban me!! lol

lolz what a noob.

What a sad attempt… lol he cant even spell correctly! hilarious…

Lol soo many fake mods :slight_smile: Just sad :slight_smile:

that always happens to people…

why even try that, its so sad… good job at getting all that taken in screenshots

lol thats not really a hacking, more like a scam, and its a very common 1 and only ppl that just start runescape usally fall for it…what world was he in? u should have went there and hunted him down

i hate people like that…what a poor atempt

It took alot of "printscreen"s to get it all down. But I did it.

BloodFire :hot:

Can I add him to my scammers list?