*sigh* another one

Man… Wilma hit really hard. It took 4 days for Lutenist and Kupiton’s internet to come back up, ans 6 days to get my power back up, as some of you remember. Seeing how hard it hit and how long without power many people went, it made us feel as if it was over. We settled back into our lives, most things are back to normal - except the trees - and many thought that was it.

But now a tropical storm is headed Florida’s way, and it’s bound to hit monday (noonish, i hear). Man, it really sucks. The biggest thing on everyone’s mind is the safety of loved ones and after that their power. Not a soul out there isnt afraid of losing power.

I’m not trying to be a prick, but weren’t you the one that said hurricanes are fun. A little dose of reality for you, their not, and your going to find that out again. I’m gonna get the storm too, but to be honest, i dont really feel sorry for you for that comment you made a few weeks ago. sorry guy.

Yeah, no one likes hurricanes anymore :tongue:

I’ll admit. When you made that comment last time i was really pissed off. I had no power for a week, almost $3,000 worth of damage to one of my cars. Hurricanes are definitely no fun, i’m glad you see that now.

Heck, yeah sometimes they’re just plain annoying…I might even move…

I better watch the news…


Poor guys =(.

In melbourne there are no Hurricanes :D!

Lucky me :p!

Lol same in Tassie… We only get little dust storms lol.


Same with Cincinnati… we get… well yeah its boring here. NO natural disasters at all.

Hope your safe Danny, rsr wouldnt be the same without you… enough of the guey shiz die danny die!

(Tis a joke…)

Hope you don’t get killed!


Excuse me, I have a bad throat. Just kidding, in New Jersey we only get the after storms of the strong storms. :slight_smile:

I hope you’re ok. I heard on the news it wasn’t supposed to be that bad. Just ALOT of water.

Lol yeah hurricanes suck but hopefully we won’t have school Monday. :slight_smile: I hope not because I have a book report due Monday. But since I live in Port Saint Lucie I always seem to get the eye of the storm :frown: .

Yeah we might get the backwash from Gamma, and by that I mean the afterstorm that rumbles thru the midwest. Thats about how exciting it gets around here.

hurricanes do suck, but living in the northeast us, also sucks worse in the winters, they say record setting blizzards this year, sorry to hear about the destruction, this year has been really bad for natural diastets, alot of tornadoes F3s and higher, when wilma hit around where i live, the town didn’t have a beach for at least a 5 days from the stairs it was like a 25+ ft. drop, weather has been really bad and can only get worse in the winter

That sucks… They day California gets a hurricane is the day I find a cure for cancer.

Have fun curing cancer next year, my friend.

Over in Wales there isnt anything interesting going on -.-

Oh, there was an earthquake a few years back but it was only small… still ripped open a few gardens and smashed a few cars.

some people in florda (i think last year…after the 3 hurricans hit…i think 1 of them was tommy?) said somthing like that “no way would i move out of florda to californa, they have earthquakes!” i laugh at the people that say that…
but what really, really makes me mad/pitty/laugh at some ppl is the ppl that llive near this 1 river…every year when the rains comes, there house gets flooded 2 inches of mudd all over there house…they have bin there for over 15 years…the reason they dont move? “our kids like it here”…GR!!! MORONS

yea up in new hampshire we just have to worry about a really snowy and cold winter…the good thing is that i get to ski way more!!

But we got horrible flooding from the aftermath of one of the hurricanes. A road near my house had sinkholes in it that we’re 6 freet deep! And a lot of bridges in my town got washed out. it was pretty bad.