§§++>>>>>Signature auction<<<<<++§§

Bidding starts at 5k and a/w is 100k

If you win please supply the text and the text colour.

Auction will end when i say so.

When you bid use this

Text colour:

  1. dont double post use the edit button


  1. not a very good sig I sure wouldnt pay 5k for it and what program do you use?

Dont post if your not bidding and why would u want to know what program i used if it so called “sucks”

it actualy does suck all it is, is a gradient with a chrome filter( if im correct) anda render pasted on… then layered

i wouldn’t pay 5k for it either…

archer when you are selling a sig you’ll want to put “name” on it so people wont rip it and put their name on it…just helpful advice! :smiley:

I never said it “sucked” I want to know what program you use so if its something I know good tutorials for I can give you links to them to help you improve thats all I am not trying to be negetive about it…sorry

I use photoshop and yes please send me some tutorials :smiley:

I think you did a stretch plus a ocean ripple.

Noone’s going to pay 100k for that sig, sorry.

Check out some tutorials at http://www.good-tutorials.com and http://www.pixel2life.com, and try to learn and get better.