signature question

How do you make sigs without adobe photoshop? Can somone make one for me?

Umm you should ask this in the like how-to section here… Or the image market lol… And no I can’t but… People in the iamge market can make signatures for you.


u should talk to gemeniman he loves him also mega man, lol

well I think that was really so clear thing that you dont need to tell it 0g0… look at geminimans sig l0l… btw it breaks rules of rsr sig limits… clearly… though so does mine :stuck_out_tongue:

at least i think.

Ok thanks i’ll try and look for geminiman and ask him if he could and would make me a sig. Thanks again for the info.

i used to make mine in paint, dont knock paint, i still use it even tho i’ve got adobe photoshop.

Is it hard to make sigs in paint? If it is, How do you do it if it’s so hard?

use paintshoppro7-8-9 or something