Signature Tornument!!

Mods when you see this LOCK IT!

I killed the Contest

ok…already done buddy
by snuffles

Well im in how long do we have to make it?

Already done mate…

Guys, he can make another one if he wants…
I may enter.

yea its already done by snuffles
edit:i thought theres only 1 tournament
im wrong

I wanna enter.

Ok Lokevin Is in
Edit: So is Jlec

No time limit yet seeing as we have 6 spots left

Ok Lokevin Is in
Edit: So is Jlec

No time limit yet seeing as we have 6 spots left
Looking for more people to join

I’m gonna have a rough time with Dama V2.0

Just a little addition:
There Are 5 rounds so you will be making a total of 5 signatures. Each round has a different theme

okay thanks for the advice i wish i could no the next topics so i can make my sig now cause im so bored

Hey Bwe just was wondering if you could tell me the next topic so i can get an early start

Hey i cant enter right now ill have to back out bit to busy with some stuff sorry…

OMG people enter i’ve been looking at his post and nothing has changed!

Another day and no more entries or posts even o great now jlec isnt in the tournament so great :mad:

Jlec Dropped Out. God we need contestants.
You know what. Its time to set a dedline:
April 1

Finally someone agrees!

I want to be in but how long do we have to make the entry?

EDIT: nvm i know the deadline now

Assuming I have been accepted here is my entry oh and I am also catagorized as experienced so yeah here you go:

Edit: ewww i hate the color it looks alot better in PS CS oh well and yeah im really srry for fouble posting didnt mean too srry…i should know better

Yes 2 more days until it starts synther and Dama V2.0 r going down =)

4 days later no i lost!