I’m not really a graphic art kind of person. So could someone make me a sig?

Here :slight_smile:

thanks for the offer, but I don’t get it, could you please explain

ill make you one… on paint…??

lol, sure make it and post it here, and i’ll see if I like it

what picture do you want in it?

I don’t know, Just do whatever you want lol, because I seriously have no clue what i want

ok but what are your interests that could help me…

um, I like volleyball, and… Biscuits I

Put the URL in the code box into your signature then put after it.

and what will that do?

make the picture apear im working on yours now :slight_smile:

ok thanks for working on it. But what do you mean make the picture appear, isn’t the picture already on there, isn’t it just look into the fire, and that background?

here ya go

replace * with / :slight_smile: if you want any more doing dont hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool, but i am far from the master, I actually suck pretty bad at runescape. but thanks for the offer.

the master of biscuits lol :slight_smile:

oh, ok. but i’m not that either. That’s gotta be pillsbury all the way lol