First one in a month-two months. Like the result. Just an experiment.

Rate if you like.

whoa, that owns! really like the background

awsome great white-blue fade 9/10 simple but (awsomely) effective

Thanks, you two.

Eh. I like it, but I don’t.

Nice render and blending. Text is good. But, I don’t know if I liek all of the white.


wow thats great I give it 8/10

Thanks, again. I liked it simple, so I kept it white, I thought white and blue balanced well.

I think thats what I like about it. It balances.

the whites the awsome part i see to many sigs that start black these days

wow, thats a really good sig, i love pretty much all of it
the only thing is that the right of the render is a tad bit stronger than the left

Thanks. I hadn’t noticed that.