signiture contest - 500k cash price

this is what i want in the sig

a dark and gloomy back ground
the middle bottom i want to say proud member of damage inc
and a animation in the top right corner saying 90+ hp and then change to 90+ strength
and put my name some where its dontblink2

ill get a mod to close this when i think theres enough signitures.

then ill make a new topic and have people vote on which sig they think is best and i will use that one.

good luck :smiley:

Ill make one tommorow when i get home.

I am definitley gonna make you one, and maybe even more.
I’m working on it right now with a Mac using Adobe Photoshop Elements, so it will be done in no time.

Also, do you want your rs name in it? If so, what is it?

my rs name is dontblink2 sorry

I’ll have a go but…

your gonna get people to choose a sig for you?

im bad at picking a good sig so i want to see what other people like

I’ve finished designing mine and I just need to animate it.
Can we put anything else in that goes with your username?


Making it now blink :wink:

ill give it a go!

Here’s mine so far, sorry it isn’t animated:

Tell me anything that you want to be changed (besides adding animation)

Animated and complete:


sorry it kinda sux ill fix it up 2morrow but it was done in a hurry:

Heres my try…Im prob not gonna win… FaNtAsYsHaDo can make some awesome sigs…

Wow I vote for captain Zaps if we are at the voting stage yet! His is by far the best. (so far)

Ok, I redid mine and animated it.
Here it is:

PM me if I win, I’m not gonna be here until next week.

ok ive decided to not have my char in the pic looks kind of bad

I dunno, Captain zap’s looks pretty good with the picture in it.

Do u know how to spell strength?

Do u know how to spell strength?[/quote]
ehe, thats funny

Here’s a new one without char: