sigs made here free

i made all my own sigs, except for the god, fletching and treecutting sig, ive done better anyways i enjoy to do them if u wan tone just say the magic words, im geetign an animation program soon so soon theyre animated.

Could you make me one, that Says RsR Rulez! and has something RsR related in the background?

yeah i need a little more info, colors, look, font but od be glad to

Font: anything, dont care
Look: grunge
Colors: umm, somthing around red

EDIT: oh yea, and make it the size of the rsr sig in your sig.

umm dont mean 2 sound like a noob but how u make sigs?

hey ogo im ordering a sig with:

Background: glommy forest with animated rain
Forground: a warrior or knight or sumthing like that
Text: Bananat
Subtext: True Bananas of Runescape


could i have one wiv a stormy background wiv the text:
‘Didelydonkey’ fading slowly in and out plz? ooo and some animated rain?

can you make a sig. with a dark cloudy type background with animated lighting.
subtext:“Mess with me and I will Kill you.” (can you make that fade in and out???)
i want the text to be A dark Green and italic.
p.s. make it about the size as your sig.
thanx alot!!!