Site Scam Beware! Read!

I got messages from people…

They tried to make me log in RUNESCAPE3.SAYS.IT

DO NOT GO ! IT’s not even by RuneScape!!! its a new scam!!!

thanks for the heads up dude. that site looks pretty professional. but the geocities thing gives it away. lmao

it does look very professional… i am gonna try it!

with my noob lvl 3 account, just to see what happens

or maybe not, it might do something weird…

but hey, making it look professional is vary easy… ill even make a realistic pic right now!

hm,I made an new account on that site and after clicking on world 38 I cam on the site of Runescape,so it’s a scam for sure :?

same here, i was sure the game wouldnt work without linking back to Runescape… if they found a way, they could be sued for duplication of a copyrighted game without permission and credit of the original author

lol what a stupid scam… i entered like “screwyou” as my username just to see what happened and it went to a blank page
it looks pretty real, except the geocities thing which gives it away lol

man that is the worst fake site . its even worst tham

Just Happy To Tell People… Cause I know That Some Noobs Might Go
In There… :smiley: Just trying to tell people…

Wanna know something funny?

The guy “LordSkoal” Who told me the site and tried to make me go on it.
He Said " No it ain’t fake. Jagex pays me to say it"

Than he told everyone “”“I”"" made the site now people are asking me
for free stuff and there stuff back!

Don’t you feel like beating the crap out of him in real life >I do<

If you have any other fake sits! please post here so people know!
Thank for listening! :?

Yeah, thanks for the heads up… BTW, someone posted a site that looked really similar to itself… From what they said, it was scary how similar it was to the original site… It was almost an exact replica except that there was a tiny alteration to the site’s address… I forget what it was but it was almost unnoticeable… But yeah, I’ve also gotten a few e-mails from Jagex impersonators myself… Man, they just try to get craftier but they just make big fools of themselves…

I had one saying some s**t about me scamming people (not true at all) and it had a link that i had to click if it was not true. so i clicked on it and it was the same as the runescape sign-up page but the web address was differnt…bum bum bummmmmmmm

the most convincing scam site i have seen is one that looks EXACTLY like the runescape one. they somehow managed to get an image where the address bar is saying the runescape site. and they had the animatied gif that said dont put ur pass anywhere but very convincing but still, very very pathetic.

what heppens when u go to the site? keylogger??

no, if u put in a real user name and pas they get it then take it away from u… sad really

Jeez, people can’t stop can they? I wouldn’t put the site up though just incase anyone is stupid enough to ‘log in’.