Sitting on a gold mine...

My good buddy Matthew used to play Runescape. And I’m not going to lie, he was a scammer. He was one of those people that would take off the money real fast…

Well he scammed and scammed… He got about 20 santas and a few sets of rune.

He quit in august. His account still has all the items - He’s sitting on a gold mine of santas. He bought them when they were around 300k.

So he is just going to do nothing with them?!

wow…is he giving them to you?

wow…thats worth a lot now…sooo…wat r u or he going to do with it?

Nothing. Thats the sad thing. It’s going to sit there for eternity.

Buy his account off him for like $3. Then you could sell the santa’s, or share them with your friends (like me :D).

whats his acc name? (starts searching web for password hacking) im just wondering… no reason :smiley:

aww…seems like a waste of santas if he’s not going to play again…

thats jus messed up…

I think u should get his account and sell those santas cuz people r just gonna keep quitting rs and keep santas in there bank and sooner or later there will be like 5 santas so i think u should get those and sell them

lol u ganna try to ask for them?

Ask him for it since he is a good buddy, and give it to me and Goku :smiley:

thats rele sad he should sell em, and spread the money around to noobs

Don’t be asking for them. If he gets them, it’s his choice of what he wants to do with them.

Lol, Ahem, you asked first!

Wow, it’s not good that he scammed people but that’s gotta be worth a lot of money.

I don’t know you!
and I don’t have a single santa wut are u talking about! X god chaser X?
ifit is another Matthew can i get 1 santa? pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez?

Yeah as we all know… Scamming is bad… But that dude is now worth a whole lot! If I were you, X, I’d try to see if that friend of yours could remember his pass.


I didn’t ask, I gave him a suggestion.

As did I :slight_smile: