Anyone love skateboard!:drunk:
Well I do I just want to know who does like skateboarding and who likes riding it.
Also tell me what kind of tricks you can do.

i like to ride. i can rockto fakie,manual,and land a kickflip with 1 foot…oh,also i can oliie

I tryed skating once…went to the hospital after 5 minutes…but wait till Skate Ikkley gets here

Rofl I am not that good at skateboarding.
I always stinked on that rofl I just wanted to bring this up.
I still do skateboard sometimes not like I used to.

wow skateboarding is the stuff!
i do it anyday if we had sunny all yr round…dam canada -.- but its home :slight_smile:

all basic trix i can do and some more challiging stuff
learning pop-shuv fs baordslide

i skate i have too many tricks been skatin for 2 years ow i can uhh

sex change
discoflip(heelflip body varial)
twisted flip<—my name for it (varial flip body varial)
sooo many others

i luv skating =) tricks i can do…

backside flip
sex change
fakie flip
half cab (both ways)
faceplant =p
big spin

Eh? I thought I already posted here… Ah well, I do skate (when the British weather isn’t evil). I have a uh… unique style lol. I got quite a lot of freestyle tricks.

I know what you mean, i hate it when it’s pissing down and i want to skate. Thank God the council built an underground skatepark. Anyways, I can do quite afew things, I mostly just skate around the street annoying padestrians!

im to good with flip tricks or grinds but I gotta crazy manuel…Ive only been skatin for like 3 months though…I have an Enjoi deck with krux trucks and enjoi wheels and bearings…

I was too tempted to post here.

Frontside Blunt Grind(I did one for 10 feet at Rye Airfield, it was ill.)
Loads of Lords of Dogtown spins
Crooked to 5.0
A few more, but I’m out.

Pop Shove-it
A couple Free-style moves

That’s all that comes to mind.

I’ll be returning from time to time for topics that interest me.

I love skateboarding, hence the name and avvy.
My favorite trick is an FS Flip. I can do a bunch of tricks, and I prefer street skating more than vert. I skate on weekends at my high school, and wherever on weekdays. The high school is almost better than the skatepark. I can do pretty much all basic tricks, and I’m better at grinding than flip tricks. I broke my foot once and couldn’t skate, so I resorted to handboarding, which I’m good at too, haha.
Go skateboarding.

Used to. Not so much any more.
I can do… shoveits, kickflips (sometimes), big ollies, and some grabs if I’m on a pipe.
Also, boardslide, noseslide, 50-50.
I blade more.
sickmate 8)

I can’t skateboard :frowning:

I tried to once and kinda fell over. Painfully. I’m better on blades :smiley:

I LOVE Skateboarding. I Live for it. Ive been to many skate comps, participated and watch and i skate almsot everyday of the summer. My deck right now is a flip geoff rowley and he is my favorite skater. I use that flip board and i have another fire and brimstone Geoff Rowley Flip Deck that I got at a skateboarding competition and i got Geoff Rowley to Sign it. I also got an element shirt from like 2 years ago signed by geoff rowley, Jamie thomas, and Rodney Mullen.

Some tricks i can do are:

F/s flip
b/s flip
360 flip
fakie 180 heelflip
ollie up to 9 stairs
kickflip about 7 stairs
fakie big spin
shuv it

etc etc…

I used to skate but then I got too good for it… after winning the x games and vans triple crown like 4 times each it seemed kinda pointless

Lmfao @ fatso.