Slayer task choice

I thinjk you should have a choice between 3 different slayer tasks, it would make it better not having a bad one all the time, but you cant change the one you’ve chosen.

Rate ?/10

Is this because you got killed by Dagganoths and have to face Elves? Yes, it should be a good idea, then you would kill the easy things.

Add a poll please.

hmm…would make slayer way too easy…

but i gotta admit that i hate those damn dagannoths as a task…

I would add a poll but at first i forgot and when i edit, the option doesn’t come up.

Mods, if you can, can you please add a poll to my thread? Just saying yes, i like the idea, or no, i dont like the idea?

dagganoths are like my favorite task. It would be helpful but it would probably make slayer too easy, damn those harpies and killerwatts :frowning: