Small Bank Sale...

World 30 - Draynor Bank ( If you are buying )

Thank you.

how much for the iron bars and the uncuts? i cant go online til tomorrow…

i gtg too

im saving all the iron for you !!!

just give me a good deal – msg. me in game tomorrow

i sold all the uncuts! sorry

alrite sounds good, ill talk 2 u tommorrow, i may buy the chaos and death too

i’ll buy big bones 5k?

How much for the rune scimmy? I can’t buy untill I get payed by keyser.
(Im getting him near 550 cow hides is my goal.)

ill buy the choas and deaths and raw lobs
pm me later witht he prices

how muh for 2 laws post here and i mite buy if price is fair (mite buy more then 2)

The big bones are MINE

[i]Lol I know…



Omg, how much for the Rune Scimitar? :x

I sold most of the bank but i got a lot of better items that i will be
up for trade later on during the week

please lock the post i sold all