small bank sale

Just trying to get rid of the stuff I dont need but have picked up along the way.

17 addy arrows
194 Mith Arrows
Addy Long Sword

2 swordfish

5 Diamonds uncut
13 Sapphires uncut
5 Emerald Uncut
1 Ruby Uncut

17 cosmic runes
88 Nature Runes
46 Chaos Runes
9 Law Runes
15 Death Rune

2 Addy Ore
2 Addy Bars
1 Mith Bar

Amulet of Accuracy

10 Steel plates
5 Wine of Zamorik

If you are interested let me know and thanks for looking. Updated 4/13


I’ll buy all emeralds 1.5k

how much ea nature rune?

i’ll buy all your runes message me in game username is lynx 0 message me around 3:00-3:30 (eastern time)

plz let ME buy your runes plz!

50k for all your runes!!@!! thats how much ill give you

I went and had a smoke and you were gone. Do you not want them? if you dont I can sell them to someone else. Let me know.


Umm… rubber chickens are untradable… but how much for steel plates?

wine of zamorak, isnt that some sort of scam???

no I got them buy killing all the monks and taking it off the table, I usually see people trading them for about 1K


how does 7K for 10 sound?

i buy the mithril arrows m8 price?

ill buy the saphs 350 ea the emeralds 700 ea and the ruby for 1k