Small Bank Sale

From merchant character ( Archas Jr ):

36 Cowhides - 90gp each
18 Zammy Wines - 1k each
Addy Scimmy - Best Offer
Black Hatchet - Best Offer
1 Mith Square Shield - Best Offer
173 Thread - 1k for All

From my main ( Asslee2 ):

20 Power Ammies - 10k each
30 Mage Ammies - 1k each

addy scimmy 3gp like i put in weapons/armors section lol.

addy scimmy 1k!!!

uh i bidded 2k for already hahaha on his other thread though lol :slight_smile:

Please bid seriously…

Addy Scimmy, 5k.

addy skimmy 10k!!!jk ill buy for 2k

all threads and hides

Great, what’s your RS name, mager?

Wait, Archas, did I get the scimmy?

^ Lol, no. I could easily get more than 5k…

8k final offer lol for the addy scimmy! :slight_smile:

sorry for double posting archas but can you please cancel my bid. I’m gonna make a new pure mage instead of a warrior.

lol…im an archer now so i can own you :smiley: and if u be warrior ill be mage its the “fighting” cicrle of life

o you still wanan fight ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I dont think that can happen i have no runes and also im training my pures not my main right now lol.

lol quit wimping out…and i dont wanna spam this so lets move this to some where else

i’ll buy 1 power ammy

Sorry, but I already bought a power ammy…

List has been updated! To all those who wish to purchase something - please add the appropriate character in-game.