Small, Semi-Noobish Bank Sale

holding a small bank sale to clear out me bank and get some money, the robes are monk, fish are trout, the bottom right is anchovies, the axes are bronze and the leather armor is studded.

studded full is 1.3k, mith arrows 70 each, addy arrows are 150 each, trout 30 gp each, anti dragon shields 1k each, addy med is 7k(might go down), monks robes best offer, sapphs 300 each,cake best offer, anchovies 10 each, and bronze axes probably no one will want. 2 gp each.

Sorry, but :

That pic is messed up.

Sell the bronze axes to store for more.

No one will buy an addy large helmet for 7k, let alone a medium helm…

lol thx archas, you actually replied to my post gasp well then best offer on addy too.

after looking at that pic my eyes litterally hurt.

haha you like that dont you… ill redo the pic but if your not buying nething dont spam the thread.

bump no one wants anything?

btw sry for double post all you anal retentives