smething u should knw abt smthing exp please read and rply.

ok i was bored on easter so i spent some time thinking about smithing levels for no apparent reason. ok we all know that steel plates give you 187.5 exp to your smithing level. and mith give you 250 and so on. but apprently i noticed something. mith plates give you 250 exp and you use 20 coal. steel paltes give you 187.5 and you use 10 coal. that means you get more exp overall. if you were to mine 1000 coal you’d have 100 steel paltes giving you 18.7k exp. and for mith plates you’d have 50 mith plates giving you only 12500 exp. so you see apparently steel plates will give you more exp overall for smithing. interesting isn’t it? sorry about spelling in title i kind of had to cut things down but i hope you understand it!

WOW!!! Thats a great theory. I always thought mith pl8s would give you more exp than steel in groups…

yeah same here till i figured it out and i wish i didn’t tell all my friends because they did that and got their smithing levels up really high lol.

Mith, Addy, and Rune arent the greatest for smithing experience. They use too much coal and its sort of a waste (unless your smithing for profit).

Steel is good because it actually uses less coal for a good amount of experience.

Hmm… I never saw it as like that… Hmm… I guess me and steel plates are going to get to know each other very well… Thanks for the info though…

acually iron is good too, because there’s no coal and still decent xp, but the best way if you don’t wanna lose money is cannonballs, because you make more money than you lose from the coal and iron.

Wow you were bored alright lol :lol:

I knew this before you said. This is why I have more steel than mith in my bank. I keep mith for pking but make money from the steel. Thanks for spreading the word to RSR.

Yeah I knew that as well, very good isn’t it. But you know what else?
If you sell em to pl8body shop in varrock it sells for around 1k ea!

:slight_smile: yep, smithing steel is a much better way to get xp than mith… And ur better of to high alch al ur platebodys because the varrock shop sometimes pays like 500 gp per platebody… and i heard u can get 1200 gp for high alching them… so?

Its been verified numerous times, the most efficient way of quickly increasing one’s smithing level is to smith iron. Every iron bar grants 12.5 exp when smelted, and then 25 exp per bar no matter what is made(ie 125 exp = iron pl8 = 5 bars = 25 exp per bar, etc.). Especially for members, who can greatly increase this efficiency by using ruby rings of forging while smelting iron.

And ur better of to high alch al ur platebodys because the varrock shop sometimes pays like 500 gp per platebody… and i heard u can get 1200 gp for high alching them… so?

Yeah, though Hourvik’s shop does pay up to 1200 gp for steel plates… The reason why it’s lower is because for every steel plate sold to Hourvik, the value price of steel plates drops… The default stock of steel plates at that shop is, I think, 2 or 1… The stock eventually goes back to the default stock but it takes a while in RS2… That’s kinda why you’re better of high alching steel plates… Because it’s basically like selling the steel plate to get the maximum selling profit all of the time rather than sitting there and waiting for the selling value to return to 1200 gp which almost never happens since people are constantly selling back steel plates to Hourvik…

wow i never knew that…there should be a quild on this kind of stuff to make it easier. Thx for the tip.

wow i never knew that…there should be a quild on this kind of stuff to make it easier.

Did you mean to say guild or guide? Cause I think the beginner’s guide in the left hand menu mentions stuff on how to level fast and what to spend time on leveling and what not to spend time on leveling… (I forgot if they include statistical comparisons…) If you meant a guild, then I really don’t see how it would be organized to fit the criteria… And if there was, I don’t see how that would be elaborated to become a full-time organized guild… Please explain more and I’ll see if I can comment or add to your thoughts… Please be sure to tell me on anything wrong and please be sure to tell me if you don’t want me to comment or anything like that…

I mean just like a help page.Sorry for my spelling. It would just be a page with alot of different discoverys and ideas.

Wow, I might go back to Smithing for a while and actually manage to get up to Steel Plates.

Thanks for the tip ;).

yeh…steel is cheaper and gives more xp…
but u dont earn alot of cash high alchemying it…
you earn alot more if you mine mith …and make mith plate that u high alchemy… but hey…its ur choice if you whanna get rich or get xp
though booth wayz work

interesting iron? i never would have thought of that. well because i was thinking about coal usage and since iron is unpure and you get not as many bars as you’d like i stuck with steel but now i might change to iron.

I’d say iron is best for xp. It’s dirt cheap (I buy off my friend for 25ea muhahaha!) and gives great xp. Well not great, but if you buy it’s better to buy and smith iron. Iron plates gives 125xp and the bars 12.5 i think. I smith 1k at a time so that’s (12,000 + 25,000) = 37k xp all for 25k.

~ ewok

k i got bored and figured something out today. I realized that steel legs skirt and 2hander get the same amount of xp per bar as steel plates just thought that might want to be known…