smithing of the dragon square

heres the two pieces

heres pics of me smithing it

and the finished thing

WOW! nice job, keep it comin

coolio 8) WIsh i had a drag shield :frowning:

Thats cool ! keep it up

I forget what smithing level is needed to forge the two pieces together, 70?

hmm i thot it was 60… anyway great job blink

The dragon sq. is awesome! Do you get any smithing xp from smithing it? Congrats on getting it blink, although I thought you already had a dragon sq…

I was just wondering, how long did it take you to get a left half, Blink? And cool pics there :p.

~ ewok

congratz on getting the dragon sq

Blink, whenever you smith the dragon square shield, do you bend over and hit it like you do whenever you normally smith stuff?
I don’t know why I want to know this lol.

Dude, that’s so awesome!!! If that was me, I’d be so excited, lol. Congratulations on your 7+ million gp worth equipment! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome job, blink! :smiley: . JaGeX made a grammar error. “It’s” means “it is” and they meant “its.” Anyway, nice job!

I wish I was as rich as you. I got banned on masterataker and I had such good stuff on that account… 8O

nice 8)

Good job blink with getting the two halves.
Now you got a dragon sq.

is that for a quest, ???

guess who blink…im gona make ur life fhking horrible your all gonna fhking suffer!!!fhk u all!!!..!..fhk u all!!!fhkyoufhkyoufhkyou fahgs!!!

yeah… it looks like someone needs a life!

BTW, youu asked for it when you attacked her in the wildy. Would you just sit there while someones pking group attacks you, or would you fight?

Another thing, what can you possibly do to blink?

omfg, thats pwning right there

congrats on the nice smithing
If only i had that much money to spend…