Smoking, Good or Bad

What do you think about smoking and does it affect you life, I would like to know how people first started it, why did they make them, does anybody in your family smoke?

why would u care? lol , anyways no i dont smoke cigs, smoke cigars and ganja… thats it. I never wantesd to start cigarettes, tried them but tehre nto worth it.

Peer Pressure::
First time, I smoke chiba + a black I was 11… I thought it was stupid
so I stopped 13 years old I started smoking cigs again.

Than I got bored and stopped…

15 I started smoking weed again… Now I still do… Im 16 and I could
quit but I guess I “love it”… It don’t affect my life much… I mean it’s not like I do it everyday… Maybe 3-4 times a month…
I still smoke cigs whenever I feel like it…

:? It’s not good for you… Is my answer…

If you care about your body, smoking is stupid.
If you want to die early, smoking is the way to go.
If you want people you kiss to shy away because you taste like crap, smoke all you want.
If you want to reduce your attractiveness by 50%, smoke away.

If you want to try to be healthy, live longer, care about yourself…then don’t smoke.

smoking kills

ive never smoked…

Lutenist, just remember, it all adds up over time. I would hope you quit, no one deserves to die young and early, neither do you.

smoking is bad in every way…unless you absolutely hate ur body… i don’t smoke, and hopefully, i never will…

I know I got in the wrong crowd…

I tried… I smoke less now maybe once a month… :oops:

My grampa died from smoking. I will never smoke.
I hate cigs. :evil:

Smoking is one of the bigest things in the world.About 15% of all the people die because of smoking each year.Smoking is NOT a good thing.People tend to do it at a young age because they think its cool,but its not.It makes you lower than you already are.No one in my family smokes except one person,im not going to say.When im in front of a person smoking,i tend to see me do it.I dont though.Smoking can poison you for life,and i wouldent do it.Heres my little motto:“I think smoking is stupid ,and if you do it,you are too”

Pfft… I know so many people who smoke… I’ve only done like one puff but that’s about it and some pot… But yeah, there’s no real joy to it… Thankfully I wasn’t addicted after my first (And only) puff of a cigarette… But yeah, it’s a filthy habit anyways… Though I’m not going to smoke in the future or die from it, I’m probably gonna die of a heart attack, either that or diabetes which is genetic for my family… Or just high blood pressure as Asians usually have high blood pressure cause of genetics and the diet and stress… And yes, I am a very stressed person and I get stressed easily so I’ll die from one of those three things… Hopefully, it won’t be in the near future cause if it is, then I’ll probably die of a car accident… Sorry to sound all glum and morbid but well… I dun know… Smoking is bad…

Hey,if all you think smoking is stupid,you can add that little motto i made up into ur sig if u want.Smoking sucks,and gemini ur asian?? I neva knew that…Cool…asians rock!

I’ve never smoked, and don’t plan to. My grandmother smokes and has lung cancer. Because of the lung cancer, she had half of her right lung removed.

I am sincerely sorry to hear that bowmagic. :cry:

i hate smokin >=(
my cousins suffering frum lung cancer right now cuz of them…
:’( i sure hope she survives somehow

Thanks, Gymleader. It saddens me. She just wrote her Will a couple of weeks ago. She can’t breath very good. The doctors almost had to put her on an air tube thing( a thing to put air into her lungs, dunno what it’s called). I don’t want to end up like that. There’s my reason to be against smoking.

don’t spend your money on tar man because that’s what cigs are just a piece of tar and crap better yet spend your money on a rs membership :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: or something worthwhile like a cellphone or something.

I am appreciative you guys shared your story’s and thoughts.

Though you may think theres no point in it, some people like me like listining to your feelings and storys, not only do they teach us a lesson the teach us the gift of life. Your grandma bowmagic, of course not even people you have heared speak on these forums feel for you, not because they like you, because they care. Sharing things like that to a community is better because the wide variety of people understand, we can help more than yourself crying yourself to bed after someone dies, friends wether online or not help us everywhere all the time, though you dont know there face you know there here. Some people out there like me care and we help people best. We dont discriminate people.

Thank you for listining,

That makes me feel alot better, knowing that there are people out there who care. Thanks for that statement, Gymleader.

Theres always someone who cares for everyone, its my pleasure to help.