Smoking? Should it be made illegal?

I feel strongly myself about this subject and belive it should be made illegal. These expensive white sticks have been proven to kill you yet governments still allow people to smoke them. Should this be allowed? Should smoking be banned in ALL public places? Post views .

i think it should be illegal because not only does it harm you it is very addicting

It should be outlawed in PUBLIC, what people do in their homes is none of my buisness.
Unless it’s pot, heroin, angel dust, etc.
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Yes, it pollutes our air and effects everyone around the smoker to suffer chain smoking. I find it a serious problem concerning mine and everyone elses health. It deadly, poisonous, and serves absolutely no advantage except weak dexterity and bad lungs.

Although smoking did save america during parts of time when it was low on income, I guess it has it’s historical meanings…but that’s about it and that doesn’t make it any less better.

i think it should be illigal because some people think it makes u look cool (not to me) and it just makes you die or have a short life…

Should only be banned in specific places. i.e., public.

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Not it shouldn’t lmao. Just because couple people don’t want it, it’s not going to be fanished away. A lot, when I say a lot. I mean like millions of people smoke. Lots of money involved. I understand public areas and I think also too. Some places though that will never happen like Las Vegas where your allowed to smoke anywhere you want.

I fully agree with you. But if you have children and you smoke, they should be taken away. 2nd hand smoke is even worse than doing it yourself.

Yup true true true. I believed it too.

This brings up today, I saw a lady driving home with 3 kids, pretty young kids. She was smoking and she had them all around her. I felt bad and just wanted to like tell her, what are you doing? You know…It made me feel bad that she was hurting herself plus her children. Her fault…

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If it becomes illigal then that will mean alot of money will stop flowing around in the econimy…although i do hate smoking , my mother smokes…she has bin trying to stop for 15 years…<.< lol


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But if it was outlawed, more people would do it, and it wouldn’t be as safe. The same with Abortion and Alcohol.

No drugs and smoking should be legal. People are smart anough to not do drugs and smoke. Making drugs legeal would stop the mafia and gangs from making drug money also.

In the netherlands the drug rate didn’t go up after it was legalised.

I think smoking should be illegal, because no matter what, it can ruin the environment you live in, affect others around you[second hand smoke], or its just plain bad for your health. Those are some reasons I wouldnt consider this to be legal…

Ideally, outlawing smoking in the world would be perfect, less people dying from cancer, diseases, and less crying over the death of a loved one… But I doubt that it could be oulawed in some places… After all, the government gains and saves some money from these smoking companies, so they wouldn’t be as tempted to hurry and make smoking illegal, and like Lutenist said, way too many people today smoke… However, if smoking was illegal, at least less young children will be tempted to risk the law and smoke, so I guess it should be made illegal in some places…

Maybe if every year, they increase the age to buy them by one. Then eventually when all smokers have passed away from disease, cancer, or old age, there would be no need for them. If you suddenly outlawed it, millions would be in a bad position - they would be addicted, so they would have to get them illegaly.
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I’m thinking that it should be legal for people that already smoke, so they can at least TRY quit. But why do people GET addicted? Quite frankly, anyone stupid enough to start smoking (at this age) isn’t smart enough to benefeit society. If you’re stupid enough to kill yourself so early, go ahead. But when you breathe in public, that’s when the trouble starts.

but it kills u its proven to

I think it should be made illegal. It’s disgusting, and you stink.

Lol…omg, that people think it should be illegale ( i’m a non smoker btw, i only smoke green tabaco ;)) hehe
Like i said, i DON’T smoke. I have tried it for a week when i was 12(:)), and i had quit it because i don’t really know what’s so good about it.
But ALL of my friends ( or like 90% of them) smokes. Smoking is something for fun, if ur a non-smoker( and you don’t like smoke) then don’t go anywhere ( a bar or something) where people smoke alot. I don’t mind my friends smoke, if it bothers me i just ask if they could ‘aim’ their sigaret to the other way or somethng ( because it does smell bad).
If poepl want to do it , then let them, they all know the efects( in Belgium all the cigaret paks have a huge warning sings that says:“SMOKING KILLS PEOPLE, AND HURTS PEOPLE AROUND YOU”, but we just look at it, and have a good laugh :wink:
I don’t really see the reason why you should make smoking illegale.