Snuffies Bank and Stats

Rate pl0x

5/10 on bank disorginized

7/10 on stats

Nice fishing btw maybe raise wcing rcing and mining just a surgestion.

6/10 bank pretty bad for ur level
8/10 on stats

Theres 20mil worth of stuff in there >_< Look at the bottom 2 rows

thats more like 9mil

Rofl, Full Guthans is 12mil Whip 3mil Fury 5mil DSq 2.6mil Ahrims is like another 2.1mil so… 12+3+5+2.6+2.1 = 24.7million



Guthans is already 12M…Fury is 5M. Ahrims is 2.3M…Yeah sure 9M…

Good bank…

Not really good stats.


shit stats.

p00nage bank for ure lvl :eek:

Ok stats :slight_smile:

Get non-comby up more, amazing bank.

awesome bank for ur lvl. but get thos stats up!!!

I agree.:slight_smile:

nice so i bet u merchant right?

better than other people of your lvl.

pretty sweet bank, although there isnt much in it, but those bottom two rows owm me :slight_smile: decent stats also

decnet fishing
nice armours

Nice fishing lvl :smiley:

Yea, cool bank, rubbish stats. Nice coins btw :wink:

Nice Bank, But you can improve on your stats,

10/10 bank for your level, 4/10 stats for your level.

Off topic: 600 posts. =)

hmm very nice bank for ur lvl total bit low tho so…
bank 9/10 for ur lvl nd
stats 7/10