so close!!!!!!!!!

look i was so close …

lol congratz on almost soloing the kbd

lol wat a pain 9/10 if i can rate how annoying that wuld be

Ooh… soo close… tough luck!

i will try again l8er. maybe i will have good luck.

lol u went with a red/blue dec plate? u shoulda went with like full mithril at least! hey coulda spared u 1hp left right? lol

hehe i forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, i dont beleive it… i rate it 8/10 if it’s fake…

Lol, so close. Better luck nextt time. How can that be a fake?

Whoa, so close, very nice job, now go back again and kill it!

hehe spookers is right. i guess im a good faker. i fooled you all!!! 8D

yah idont think any1 with only 44 thevingon highscores could kill a kbd lol

how do u no i have 44 theivin?

thats a fake? disapointing…ahh well im guessing that decorative is thee only armor u have? lmao

i can make a fake of me killin it … say “make 1” if u want a fake of me killin it!

make 1 make 1 make 1!

he didnt solo it…he went up to one that was alredy hurt

because (besides his bad armor)…it says “the sheild absorbs the dragons fire” only once…which means sum1 had been working on that dragon befire he attacked it


no, simple, i painted his health red!!!

yeah lol and his armor its clearly a fake, but noone the less funny

its not that funny cuz its obvious its fake. 44 thieving and no other high scores is preetty bad to bwe fitin one of them fritening drags.