so many people are stupid noobs!!!!!

i dont have pics here, but i was fishing on karamja to try the new game (needed food) and a noob (lvl 60-80 sumthing, comes up to me and says “ill buy all ur lobs 50 each” im like “wtf???” i told him that lobs sell for 200-300 each, and he flipped and and said he reported me (what a fhcking noob!!!) so then he starts running away then comes back and says “im not leaving till u leave” im like ok, then 2 seconds after he said that he logged (???)

these fhcking noobs!!!

any1 else come over stuff stupider then that?

i do this noob i was fighting said i was scared so i killed hes cheat code a ranger and i killed him so this noob comes and says shootman scred shootman scred so i tell him he does not no how to spell then i kill him my 1th 3 pks

yes today was tryingto sell santa jus to see how much of a profit i can make a one of those “i wanna see the item noobs” comes up to me and says “trade i got a good offer” i trade and i wait he doesnt put anything up he says “put it up” and im like “no, cause once i put it up u’ll decline cause u dunt really wanna buy it u wanna see it” then hes like “lol, noob u dunt even have a santahat”…i put it on and im like “whats this then…OWNED” and he’s like " o man im srry im srry" lol

I think noobs are funny. Think about this where would Runescape be without the term n00b?

Probably the worst offer i received was when I tried to sell full Veracs and full Dharoks. Then a noob offered to give me full Zamorak for both of the armour ets, and then I said no. I then offered to give him Full Veracs, and then he said no and called me a noob. Even if he accepted the offer, I would call him a noob. So either way, he a noob… Jeez… Things will only get worse… :hypnotize

thats dum and some people have coconuts for heads

You just need to ignore them…

lol, yea, but they r funny, and, dragonshootman, ill give you a 100 dollars to say that again in english

ROFL made me laugh IRL… Good times

Well, that is just life. Wherever you go there is always going to be stupid and naive people. Really, I think you are being a “noob” about the situation. Why make a big deal out of it? Can’t you just agree with yourself that he was very naive and move on with your life?

some people i think just wanna draw attention too another with topics like this

Aye! Si! Correct! :blush:

Have you ever thought about it this way…everyone was probably once like that.
You might not remember but you have said “OMG YOU HAF 10 GP PLS GIMME SOME OR I WILL KILZ U PLS?” or “I’m SRRY SRRY SRRY!”.

And have you ever thought, that they were 10 or younger? Their spelling won’t be as good as yours, and you’re tanking out on them. What if they have a mental disability?

You people make Runescape bad place, calling people names and such.



sometimes I wonder who is sitting at the other end of the computer. A 10 year old kid, maybe that’s why he is behaving so dumb. Or just some real blockhead…

and some times i wonder if punks like you would just role over and die

or leave either way is good

I"m talking about the “noob” you mentioned in your thread, not you!

Someone was trying to buy a Dragon Scimitar for 100k, and I know they’re 300k, then she said in a real posh-ish voice “Well, I’m buying it expensively, because I have a ton of cash (how snooty :)) and if you didn’t play all day on RuneScape (sounds like my mum, and what is she doing on runescape anyway?) you would actually know that they are 50k street price! Nyaah!”

At Karamja, lobs are 50ea idiot.

Because they fish them and sell them to trainers…

This was funniest thing what i have read
I laughed so much!

Dragon Scimmys i think are 80-120k so she was right.


And you know, not everyone is going to be as mature and smart as everyone else. A lot of players lack common sense, but most of them cannot help it since they are young.