So much good luck- and then the noobs come

Noobs ruin everything!

I was there yesterday. 54 defense, did the new minigame a few times (about 18 times) won everytime because we worked as a team and defeated the portals.

Then 55 dfeense from the points.

Then the noobs come.

Suddenly they ignore everything.

“Kill the spinners, they are healing the portal!” noobs say back: “you kill the spinners. I’m training on the l;evel 21 monsters they are easier.”

“It’s a dam minigame”. Noobs say “I’m reporting you for saying dam!”

Then I decide after losing everytime at the defeating portals option, I would try defending the guy as that’s what everyone else seems to be doing. One of the monsters is left on the south side of him as he only hits 0’s or 1’s at the most and he is stopping the rangers from the south gate from hitting the Void Knight. Perfect! Until a level 88 idiot comes along and starts attacking him. Five of us say to him “don’t attack it! He’s defending the guard!” he says “But I’m here, I’m level 88 noobs, we’ll win if I’m here don’t worry”. Carries on attacking it.

Great, so far since the noobs came yesterday haven’t won a single round.

So what?

Its a game, people can do what they want. The reason that game is there is to have fun - but its also so that people can train easily.

If you dont like people doing that, then dont play, its as simple as that.

and wernt you a noob at once and still are at some thing