Why did this site suddenly come back online?

No idea. No idea at all.

The question you should be asking isn’t “why is it suddenly back” but “why did it suddenly go down?”.

To answer that question, my understanding is script kiddies.

Well I found out it was hackers after the site came back up.
Still, it’s odd for it to be down like a year and the suddenly decide “hey, I feel like bringing RSR back up!”.

The reason was a simple DNS error, regrettably my computer didn’t refresh the new IP address as everyone else’s did, so it was a 5 second fix that took me a few months to figure out.

My fault completely on that one, should have found it out sooner.

I don’t think anyone blames you, Duke. Haha. It’s just good to see it back up.

Regardless, I did let all of you down. Rest assured I’m committed to not letting it happen again.

Good to hear, I look forward to seeing RSR shine once more.

You have no idea how much I hope this is true and not just you blowing smoke up our asses.

The site will continue to exist, what it’s members decide to do with it - that’s up to everyone.

Well, with the exception of the one time I left due to just so much trolling and 4channery going on I have never left RSR in all my years here. I intend to never leave.

Well as of right now the site’s activity isn’t bad at all. All of the threads are still helping with Runescape players because there’s about 200 people on all the time, but they just aren’t members. If we start posting things about more up-to-date Runescape issues/mini-games/pking, maybe it will pick up more traffic from people searching on Google, and may even turn into more people joining. I’m willing to check back more than once a day to help revive it, and I’ll even go on RS and advertise in my spare time if people want me to lol.

All of that crap in the trolling period really made me detest the kind of members that were prominent then. It’s like if you didn’t conform with them then you just had no reason to be here at all. It really started in the IRC and then gradually made its way here.

You mean like Hatti posting about me being crippled in each and every single thread he ever posted in for an entire two years straight?

Yes, I am crippled. I have been for years. And how that is a laughing matter is beyond me…

I am glad that it is back aswell, I have missed foruming and what is better than going on the forum that got you into it. I hope that the forum only continues to grow in activity. RuneScape is not my thing anymore but I am sure there are a lot of game console players here aswell.

It looks like the site got hacked again earlier this morning. Was redirecting to some hacking site and they said they hacked RuneHQ and other sites.

They put a temporary redirect put in place, been re-securing server all day, annoying.

Anything you can do to stop these kids?