some ideas plz

my mum says that i give her 1 good reason i cn become a member any ideas ???

Uhh you can get more benefits in the game… Or you could say like “I’ve already done everything the non-paying people could do… And now I’m bored.” So then she’d upgrade it for you… Lol I dunno.


um i dont think that might work cause she’d probly say “if its getting boring stop playing”…its something my mom would say…when i became a member i said to my mom “ill pay for my own member ship…and ill give u a xtra 6$” she said ok…just cause she made 6$ out of it…

i was a member 4 2 mounths and she said i was on it " too mutch " my dad says he ll pay it but my mum says i cant

Oh well I said what I said because that worked for my mommy lol :P… But Tom Da Fisha maybe you should like set some times for you to get on… Like maybe only 2 hours a day… I don’t know… Or you could actaully like do some chores around the house or something and like earn $ from that to pay for membership… So you could say you earned it lol. I realyl don’t know… I’m just thinking out loud! :smiley:


:bomb: i can put thousands bombs in my head but exept 1 thing IT WILL COST U 5K OK!

suck up to her by getting good grades…or maybe ask for it when it’s christmas or your birthday

Suck up… That always works for me! When my mom or dad is in a good mood, that is lol… And that’s why I got four NBA jerseys (all old-school) and some new kicks this weekend.


It’s entertainment, there aren’t any reasons you should play this game that are relevant to a good reason in your mom’s thoughts. Although runescape does teach basic economics, but most MMORPGs do that anyway.

tell her cause u talk to frinds for home work help

all your buddys r members lol it worked for me

hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… she noes all my friends arnt but mybest m8 is goin away insummer so she might let me become 1 but to become 1 4eva i need a good reason payment isnt a problem she just dosent like the idea of her son (me) wasting his life on a machine

(before i start id like to say im Joking! okay? read on…) just tell her u have no life and u have no friends except online ones whom u will never meet in real life and the only thing u have to live for is RuneScape and u will commit suicide if u dont become a member…:huge: (ok after reading that let me tell u, DO NOT TELL HER THAT UNLESS UR JOKING…) LOL that is all. :slight_smile:

Tell her i’ll b her best friend if she lets u :smiley: that should convice her
lol ur full of ace ideas u choas.

j,ebcv zgggff – Sorry spilt tea on comp i was just wiping it off, sticky keys now lol

Just say its my favorite game and i get a whole lot of new features

Being a member is like being a part of something worrth being in

Just say mum i did my chores now please!! :slight_smile:

sayin ill comit suicide my mum will say tough sh*t urnot becoming a member my dad dosnt care all i needis a reason last time when iwas a member isaid it helps my history work that is y he let me but my mum isnt so stupid

Commiting suicide for a videogame, kids nowadays. If your parents don’t want to pay for it, then too bad, find an alternative way of paying for membership. Maybe save money, and give it to a neighbor and ask them to pay for it, and you repay them after the transaction has been made.

rune scape teaches u to type fast and how to buy sell and trade in a mock world economy. how bout that?
EDIT: tell her ul buy her full rune :wink: